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Recruiting Interns for Habitat Restoration

Elderberry Wisdom Farm is continuing to offer its 2024 Habitat Restoration Internships to Native American and other community members of color. Although the Spring Internship spots have been filled, we encourage applicants to consider our Summer Internship. Interns receive a $3,000 stipend for completing the nine-week internship.

Summer classes will integrate Traditional Ecological Knowledge with local and Western science. The culturally-tailored training, technical assistance, and mentoring we provide to cohorts is supported by mid-Willamette Valley partners helping expand interns’ skills and experience. 

Applicants for the Summer 2024 Habitat Restoration Internship opportunity are encouraged to apply. During the summer there will be an increased number of experiential service learning activities in local ecosystems; with a few less classroom hours. We will be fulfilling four first habitat restoration scope of work with a local land owner. 

If your earth-based career pathways align with our plans to develop and expand several new conservation, horticultural and agricultural businesses, we would love to hear from you. You may be interested in our habitat restoration work restoring degraded properties; our native plant nursery development work repopulating native seed populations diminished by recent wildfires in our area; or pursuing your commitment to Food Sovereignty by developing a cooperative organic farm and/or farmer’s market business.  

Please contact us ASAP if you’d like to be considered for internship and let us know if you’re interested in being part of the Summer 2024 cohort.  

For those who would like to learn more about this special experience, view the films featuring our past interns.


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