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Olivia Pereyra’s internship presentation

Olivia Pereyra giving her intern presentation at the Summer internship celebration.

Olivia Pereyra graduated from Oregon State University (OSU) with a degree in ecological engineering. Her aim is to work in aquatic habitat restoration. She has always loved water and being outside. Olivia is Hispanic, Italian, French and German and she’s on a continuous journey to reconnect with her roots. 

Olivia worked in the vegetable garden at OSU where she learned about seed cleaning. In the Elderberry Wisdom Farm internship, she really appreciated learning about Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK). She really enjoyed the work on Persephone Farm, our partner organic farm outside of Sweet Home and felt connected to the earth and to the ancestors. Olivia also shares how she connected with Salmon Watch through the internship.

Here is Olivia’s presentation. Enjoy!

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