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  • Dr. Aaronda Mayo (Cherokee, Seminole)

April Farm Update

We now have signs to show the address at the street and a sign above the classroom. I had one volunteer come up the driveway asking if this was Elderberry Wisdom Farm. The new signs will alleviate any questions about who we are and where we are located. 

Shannon and I purchased pots and color coded them all in case the labels in the pots get lost as we have seen in the past. We had to move things out of the greenhouse to make room for all the plants coming and to get things out of the greenhouse that really didn’t belong in a greenhouse. Sean and Farmer helped move things out. We also had Farmer and Bubba, Sean’s helpers, put together 2 tables for the greenhouse.

Sean Mahoney and Farmer in the greenhouse.

Bare root plants arrived on the 7th and since they are for Habitat Restoration this year, we had to pot them while they await their permanent home. We had 3 volunteers help us with getting some of those plants in pots. The picture shows a few of the plants on our 2 new tables.

We also were happy to get a mixer for the soil which really made things go faster once we got it. 

We are pleased that the cuttings that we put in germination trays are beginning to show a few roots. 

The classroom got a facelift. We got the floor done and new cabinets, new chairs (so comfortable!) and a new fireplace.

The black-tailed deer come to visit every afternoon!

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