About the Farm

The Native America nonprofit corporation, Elderberry Wisdom Farm, was created to assist Native Americans as they integrate academics, experiential service learning activities and cultural and ecological knowledges while creating their own agricultural and horticultural career pathways.

Our culturally-tailored workforce development program is designed to train and mentor Native Americans of all ages who are pursuing agricultural and horticultural careers. We offer a wide range of opportunities resulting in ongoing experiential learning at local native plant nurseries and farms, habitat restoration work with conservation groups and government agencies, pursuit of higher education and microenterprise business development as part of our future intentional community of Native American farmers and horticulturalists.

Diverse collaborative partners have agreed to support our efforts to assist younger generations of emerging Native American leaders and role models to integrate traditional knowledges, experiential learning opportunities and academics in order to accomplish environmental restoration in their sacred landscapes. Details about these partnerships will be revealed later in 2020 and into 2021 as they formalize into working relationships.

Elderberry Farm is also committed to Native American health and wellness resiliency by reconnecting project participants to their Oldest Grandmother, the earth. No matter where we are from, no matter what our color, ethnicity, or age, she is still our Grandmother Earth. She provides the peace and tranquility that can only come from a spiritual connection with Creator and our diverse ancestry.

We are especially committed to raising public awareness of Native Americans' prophetic role of helping all peoples learn to care for the earth and for one another with respect and honor. Therefore, plans include providing public audiences with multimedia programming and public cultural events to strengthen awareness and understanding of the cultural heritage and traditional knowledges of Native American elders, cultural leaders and indigenous scientists. Because of our commitment to race reconciliation, we are creating a strategic communications plan that will help increasingly inclusive communities to strengthen their appreciation and respect for the wisdom and knowledge of Native American wisdom keepers.

For more information, you are welcome to leave inquiries and comments on our Contact Us page.