Dogindh! Pilamayaye! Wopila! Thanks to our donors we will be able to fulfill project plans in 2022 that share Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Native Americans and preserve their oral history, traditional stories and other cultural arts. We are:


  • *Recording and preserving gifted Native American elders, cultural leaders and scientists while training emerging Native filmmakers

  • *Sharing messages of wisdom and guidance; rich Native American cultural values; stories and music; and habitat restoration principles in a changing climate

  • *Sharing messages of harmony and hope to uplift our community and strengthen race reconciliation

Today's Native American youth represent our future. They are our future history keepers, future living museums, future community leaders, future healers, future spiritual leaders.

Native American traditions have always emphasized the importance of honoring and acknoweldging our treasured elders. That principle of respect and honor is the backbone of our cultural values. 

Therefore, it makes sense that we would also look ahead to tomorrow's exemplary elders and support them during these days that we are facing seclusion, turbulation and climate issues.  We face them with courage and hope, knowing that Great Spirit is holding our hand. 

For the rest of this fall and winter season, Wisdom of the Elderberry Farm is sharing Messages of Hope for Native American Youth and Famlies.  We are inviting our Native communitiy and other friends, colleagues and donors to support us in this important work. 

Wisdom of the Elderberry Farm is young, but we are mighty! We have the support of a diverse Board of Directors and a small staff that is already growing and will continue to expand throughout 2022.  Trusted colleagues have  committed to our vision and mission and formed a collaborative partnership with our Native American nonprofit.

Will you do the same? We are inviting 100 Founding Donors to join us at Friends of Wisdom of the Elderberry Farm during 2021 and 2022.  Will you be one of our first 100 Founding Donors? 

Benefits to you are intrinsic in multiple ways, but they will also produce rewards in the coming years as we grow and expand to serve unrepresented low-income Native American, Alaskan Native, Hawaiian and Pacific Islander relatives who need the support we offer.