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We are asking friends to become Founding Donors

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Dogindh! Pilamayaye! Wopila! Thanks to several generous foundations and government agencies, we are continuing to grow and fulfill 2022 project plans.


We are providing habitat restoration training this spring for two years thanks to funding from Meyer Memorial Trust and The Collins Foundation. Our Traditional Ecological Knowledge Workforce training will continue to be provided each fall for the next four years in partnership with Chemeketa Community College, thanks to a five-year grant from US Department of Agriculture.


We are inviting our Native community, other friends and donors to support us in this important work. Will you help us?


Elderberry Wisdom Farm is inviting 100 Founding Donors to support us during 2022. Will you be one of our first 100 Founding Donors and make small automatic monthly contributions through 2022? 


Your monthly $20 donation would provide us with secure funding totaling $240 during 2022. Twenty Founding Donors would provide us with $4,800 which we need to accept two additional Native interns applying for our Habitat Restoration internship. Last week’s announcement created a larger response from our community and we already have several highly qualified applicants. We anticipate that we will have an abundance of applications to review before this spring. We need your assistance to increase the number of interns from 4 to 6 which grant funding cannot provide. This is why we are asking for your support today

Benefits to you are intrinsic in multiple ways. It will reward our Interns with a more promising future. It will also produce rewards to Elderberry Wisdom Farm in the coming years as we continue to grow and expand to serve unrepresented low-income Native American, Alaskan Native, Hawaiian and Pacific Islander relatives who will also benefit from your support.  

The Destiny of Native American Youth

Today’s Native American youth are preparing to accomplish tomorrow’s Climate Adaptation and Mitigation work.

Perhaps this is why Elderberry Wisdom Farm has been actively sharing Messages of Hope for Native American Youth and Families for the past year. This is because today's Native American youth represent our future. They are our future history keepers, future living museums, future community leaders, future healers, future spiritual leaders.


We have also expanded in 2022 and are holding two internships for our Native community annually. Our Habitat Restoration Internship is being provided during spring term, and our Traditional Ecological Knowledge Workforce Development project will be held for the next four year each fall term.


Formed in 2019, Elderberry Wisdom Farm is young, but we are mighty! We have the support of a diverse Board of Directors and a growing staff that is continuing to expand throughout 2022. Trusted colleagues committed to our vision and mission have formed collaborative partnerships with our organization. Our funders have enthusiastically stepped up to help and we are now turning to our followers and colleagues.


Elderberry Wisdom did not hold an active End of Year Fundraising Drive in 2021. We are instead turning to our community for support during these remaining winter months to support our Native American Internship Fund. If you are able to help as a donor, or as a sustaining donor, you will become one of the 100 Founding Donors we are seeking during the duration of this year.

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