"Our volunteer activity with Rose enhanced knowledge we acquired from lecture, text, and field study this term about ecological communities:  invasive species can overtake communities and disrupt long-established evolutionary relationships." 

Christina Kapteyn / Volunteer

We are blessed to have virtual support from two outstanding multimedia professionals who are providing volunteer support as we announce our vision and mission to the world.  Web Designer, Mark Philipp is adding dynamic new content to our site weekly. We also have artistic assistance from our filmmaker, Sam Forencich, who is dedicated to producing short film clips for our site.


Current Opportunities

The Elderberry Wisdom Farm is looking for passionate, hard-working individuals to help make our goals a reality.

The farm is planning on planting 600+ native plant species on February 13 - 14, 2021. Volunteers are more than welcome to assist in this effort.



2281 Delaney Road SE, Salem OR  97306


(971) 803-2348

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