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Outdoor Volunteer Days at Elderberry Wisdom Farm

03 07 2021 volunteer photo.jpg

We hold COVID-19 safe outdoor volunteer activity periodically at our two-acre farm. If you would like to volunteer, please let us know and we will plan some small events that may be able to include you.


At our events, we like to start with a short circle of greetings. We will make introductions and then acquaint volunteers with the habitat restoration work on the property. It frequently involves removal of invasive species and addition of Native plant species, including the Native blue elderberry for which our farm is named.  


Elderberry Wisdom Farm is a small two-acre farm just south of Salem and Sunnyside. We are cultivating our first crop of Native plant species and will continue to develop, expand and prepare new garden beds as we plant young plants in the coming seasons.


Our 501 (c)(3) Native American nonprofit corporation is helping Native Americans and others of all ages and ethnicities to learn more about restoring Native plant species in our local ecosystem. The volunteer activities help us to provide educational outreach and awareness beyond our own Native community.


Property owner and Native farmer, Rose High Bear and the nonprofit corporation’s growing staff will begin activities after a short circle of introductions. She will teach about Native American horticulture, including the restoration of traditional First Foods, plus Traditional Ecological Knowledge principles that provide a Native perspective on the environment.


If you have questions about the volunteer activities, please feel free to contact us at


We are blessed to have virtual support from two outstanding multimedia professionals who are providing volunteer support as we announce our vision and mission to the world. 


This includes Web Designer, Mark Philipp who is adding dynamic new content to our site monthly and helps to add graphic arts and distribute our monthly e-newsletter .


We also have artistic assistance from our filmmaker, Sam Forencich, who is dedicated to producing short film clips for our site. His films have been such a blessing.


"Our volunteer activity with Rose enhanced knowledge we acquired from lecture, text, and field study this term about ecological communities:  invasive species can overtake communities and disrupt long-established evolutionary relationships." 

Christina Kapteyn / Volunteer

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