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Part-time Opening for Native American Multimedia Mentor

Updated: Mar 5, 2022



Elderberry Wisdom Farm is recruiting a part-time Multimedia Mentor. Our Native American nonprofit, located in Salem, Oregon, is partnering with UW’s Indigenous Wellness Research Institute to develop Chemawa Journey of Transformation. We will co-teach in health and ecology classrooms during this five-year health and wellness research project that is funded by the NIH. Our multimedia team is also producing short documentary films in partnership with Chemawa Indian School, the Chemawa Student Council, the Chemawa Elders Council and Chemawa Indian Health Service.

We are currently recruiting candidates to serve as part-time Multimedia Mentor. The individual will be trained in documentary film production, mentoring, and health and wellness resilience skill development. He/She will then mentor participating students and assist our team to film stories featuring members of the Chemawa Student Council. UW’s Indigenous Wellness Research Institute is conducting this five-year research project to document the success of health and ecology curriculum that is being developed for freshmen students. Research on digital storytelling and photo voice among vulnerable Native American students has documented promising success of multimedia productions to serve as a health and wellness tool, with increases in cultural identity, self-esteem, and other positive resiliency factors. The work in progress, titled The Chemawa Journey of Transformation: We Are More Than A Cemetery, will document the lives of resilient and brilliant Native American high school students at Chemawa Indian School who have chosen to break the mold created by centuries of historical trauma and oppression back home. The film will feature students sharing their personal journey of transformation and promoting health and wellness resilience while serving as exemplary role models to other Chemawa Indian School students. Once trained, a small group may have an opportunity to continue the filming back home during summer break filming personal stories, traditional stories from their tribe, and their tribe’s responses to emerging climate issues. We plan to continue this filming work through 2025 with additional funding.

Skills and qualifications include:

  • Experience working with and mentoring Native American students; interest and/or experience with cell phone filming

  • HS or GED certification plus additional higher education preferred (community college, technical school or other)

  • Demonstrating health and wellness resiliency qualities needed to serve as a role model for high school students

  • Past experience in service to the Native American community

About EWF: The Native American nonprofit, Elderberry Wisdom Farm (EWF) has created the Chemawa Journey of Transformation in partnership with University of Washington’s Indigenous Wellness Research Institute, Chemawa Indian School, and Chemawa Indian Health Service. Our team has three decades of experience since 2002 recording Native elders and community leaders, and producing documentary films, radio programs and community television programs. Interested candidates: Please send a bio or resume to Rose at Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need additional information. You can also check out our website at

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