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First elderberries of the season!

First elderberry cluster (photo by Dr. Aaronda Mayo, 8/29/23)

Elderberry Wisdom Farm has been nurturing our patch of elderberry bushes all summer. Since June, we have been watering, weeding, and mulching, watching out for any sign of disease, singing to them and praying for them so their rich syrup can bring good health to our world.

In June we began to see the first elderflowers in bloom. We mailed the early blossoms off to the University of Missouri for testing. They will advise us soon on the bioactive compounds they discover after they complete their preliminary chemical profiling analysis. We'll keep you posted.

Our patience paid off again this week as the first cluster of blue elderberries emerged. We plan to send our early elderberries to our partners in the near future and learn about the results when the lab is able to test them.

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