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2022 Development Plans - Introducing our Founding Partners Initiative

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Elderberry Wisdom Farm is inviting our supporters to consider becoming a Founding Partner with us. We are seeking ongoing financial support and have developed a new fund, titled 2022 Founding Partners Initiative to sustain our efforts. We are inviting our growing group of subscribers and followers to open a sustaining fund which will contribute a donation monthly to our organization.

As you may know, our organization is little but mighty! We are only three years old as of April 2022. Our budget has grown dynamically since incorporation when we started with a $10,000 budget in our first year, and have now grown to establish a $400,000 budget for 2022, in this our third year of operation.

Because of five years of funding assured through our five-year subcontract with Chemeketa Community College that we wrote and received from USDA; and a five-year subcontract with UW’s Indigenous Wellness Research Institute, we have significant financial stability. Our partners know of our staff’s past 30 years of service to our Native American community and wanted to continue to support us now that we have accomplished our new location in rural Oregon. Therefore, the work has grown dynamically in a short period of time.

Despite this, we still need to increase revenue to fulfill plans to assist Native Americans, which includes Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander peoples, with social and economic development as well as health and wellness, workforce readiness, and microenterprise development skills.

If you are able to support us, you will join a growing number of individuals who are banding together to be part of our Founding Partners Initiative. We are inviting 100 individuals to be part of our collaborative partnership and contribute as little as $5.00 per month over the next year. In return, we will keep you updated on additional information about our progress. We also plan to extend invitations for you to join us when we celebrate the biodiversity we are cultivating at our two farms in Marion County.

Our Founding Partners Initiative fund has been launched through PayPal. We invite you to check out our mission and vision below and f you feel you can support us, then you can go to this link to sign up:

Our Mission: Elderberry Wisdom Farm provides opportunities for Native Americans, communities of color and public audiences to raise awareness of the rich cultural heritage and traditional ecological knowledge of America’s First Peoples. We work with diverse collaborative partners to provide educational and workforce opportunities so Native people can fulfill meaningful career pathway plans, strengthen health and wellness, and achieve prosperity. Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion for all, we strive to strengthen understanding, appreciation and respect for the wisdom and knowledge of Native American elders, cultural leaders and indigenous scientists.

Our Vision: We envision the material and spiritual transformation of our Native community and are committed to unity and harmony inside our organization and in our community. Recognizing the fragile social fabric that our people continue to experience after two centuries of historical trauma and threats to environmental, social and political sustainability, we strive to reflect Native cultural values to our community, including respect for all peoples and the world of nature, diplomacy and social and emotional resiliency.


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