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Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals

We would like to share this illustration from the Status of Tribes and Climate Change Report, published in 2021 by the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ. The description reads:

The Indigenous Holistic Worldview Illustration visually depicts the interconnected way in which many Indigenous peoples experience the world and includes factors that influence the natural world. The various topics that the STACC Report addresses are included in the roots to demonstrate that while the Report is divided into independent chapters, the topics are, in reality, part of an interdependent whole. This illustration’s shape resembles a turtle in reference to Turtle Island, as some of the creation stories of Indigenous peoples of North America include a turtle, which can be thought of as either the continent of North America or as the entire Earth, depending on the storyteller.

-Illustration design: Coral Avery and Molly Tankersley


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