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Indigenous Group Awarded Environmental Prize

Climate journalist Delger Erdenesanaa has reported that Indigenous communities are winning cases in court and stopping dangerous coal, oil and gas projects in courts of law. This is refreshing news from the New York Times Climate and Environment Report on April 29.

The article shared: “New coal mines continue to open each year, and oil and gas companies are still exploring new parts of the world. But increasingly, people — especially Indigenous communities — are saying no to new fossil fuel developments on their land and using courts and legislatures to deliver the message.” Legal successes have occurred over the past three years.

Now leaders of grass-roots environmental movements from six countries have won the 2024 Goldman Environmental Prize. Michael Sutton, an environmental lawyer and director of the Goldman Environmental Foundation reported: “One of the things we’ve seen in recent years is that environmental law, protection of natural resources, has become intertwined with human rights law and the law of Indigenous people.” Read the New York Times article.

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