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Updated: Apr 29, 2022

We are grateful that the Elderberry Wisdom Farm Board of Directors and our staff are deeply committed to our projects and interested in getting even more engaged in our work. Our fourth first is that our board of directors recently welcomed our first youth board member, Jasmine Ackridge (Crow, Blackfeet). Jasmine is one of the granddaughters of our Board Chairperson, Duane Medicine Crow. We elected Jasmine last month, fulfilling our plans for younger members of our community to support our work and bless it with their own dreams and visions. Our Native American nonprofit can continue to grow and blossom thanks to Jasmine’s involvement. We have video recorded her greetings to the community and it will be available as soon as we produce the video clip. We expect her introduction will appear on our Board of Director webpage by the time we release the May 2022 newsletter. Another bonus: Jasmine became aware of our Habitat Restoration Internship during her interviews, and asked if she could register for the training. We interviewed her. She qualified and she is now discovering from the inside out more about our projects and the potential they provide for the future of Native Americans seeking career pathways into conservation, horticulture and agriculture fields.

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