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Introducing Gabriella Pena

Updated: Feb 20

Gabriella Pena (Wintu) giving her intern presentation at the Fall internship celebration.

At our recent internship celebration, Gabriella Pena (Wintu) gave her final presentation (see below) about what she learned and experienced during our Fall Habitat Restoration Internship. 

Gabriella is Winnemem Wintu from the middle of the McCloud River, Mt. Shasta. Her father is Wintu from the Campbell and Silverthorne lineage and her mother has roots from Germany and Italy. After several years working in the business world, Gabriella realized that the corporate world was focused on addressing symptoms, rather than providing solutions to the problems. That’s when she felt the land calling her home.

Gabriella and her husband recently acquired farm land with the intention of farming in a way that restores the natural balance of the earth - giving back to the land, nurturing the soil and reshaping the conversation around farming. Gabriella is also the founder of Strong by Choice, an apparel and jewelry line that celebrates our inner gifts and the decision to press forward despite the obstacles.


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