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High Bear Biography update

The Martin High Bear biography has now completed the final edit phase and the agreement signed with the publisher. This document has been 30 years in the making. I spent most of the last week at the Oregon coast completing the last chapters of the document. We expect to submit the final version to the publisher in April along with a number of photo images that were uncovered during research over the years at the National Archives, the National Anthropological Archives, South Dakota Historical Society Archives, and State Historical Society of North Dakota.

This biography includes the history of Martin’s life, especially through the narrative of his “three spiritual lives.” It continues with the introduction of the Sacred Buffalo Calf Woman and Martin’s vision of the seven commandments of the Sacred Buffalo Calf Woman. The closing chapters detail his journey to see Miracle, the white buffalo calf that was born in Janesville, Wisconsin which represents fulfillment of prophecy, and events leading up to his passing in 1995. We will continue to share updates in our monthly newsletter.

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