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Habitat Restoration Workforce Internship

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

We will begin recruiting for this position in January, 2023.


Native Americans interested in a habitat restoration career or a regenerative agriculture business are invited to apply for Habitat Restoration Internship being provided by Elderberry Wisdom Farm. We are recruiting Native American interns interested in pursuing agricultural or horticultural career pathways, and microenterprises. The cohort will be trained to integrate Western horticultural science with Native American habitat restoration principles, traditional ecological knowledge and restorative agriculture. Classes are held in the mornings using culturally-tailored materials compatible with learning styles of Native people. Afternoons include experiential service learning activities: Site assessments; restoration of organic farmland; restoration of Santiam Canyon properties damaged in the 2020 Labor Day wildfire; native plant cultivation, especially threatened and/or endangered traditional First Food species.

Interested candidates: Please email inquiries and/or your resume to A $2,000 stipend will be paid for those completing training. Ongoing training will equip them with tools needed to meaningfully and successfully create career pathways into agriculture/horticulture fields. Organic farmland near Aurora is being developed as a Native American Farm Coop for those forming their own agricultural or horticultural business. The Coop will sell products at local Farmer’s Markets. Interns have opportunities to develop their own conservation career or business and an opportunity for a $7,200 grant for microenterprise development through a MercyCorps NW IDA savings program. Partners are Chemeketa Community College, USDA, Meyer Memorial Trust, and The Collins Foundation.

Elderberry Wisdom Farm is the 501(c)(3) Native American nonprofit corporation located in rural Marion County, Oregon. Our ancestors learned at the feet of their grandparents and the world of nature. We continue to turn to treasured elders and the natural world as our First Teachers. Experiential service learning activities will help Native people integrate holistic environmental principals into their lives so they can achieve career fulfillment in environmental fields and gain intergenerational family prosperity.

Our Mission: Elderberry Wisdom Farm provides opportunities for Native Americans, communities of color and public audiences to raise awareness of the rich cultural heritage and traditional knowledges of America’s First Peoples. We work with diverse partners to provide educational workforce opportunities so Native people can accomplish meaningful career pathway plans, health and wellness, and prosperity.

Our Vision: Elderberry Wisdom Farm is engaged in the lifelong pursuit of supporting Native Americans as they restore exemplary cultural values and cultural heritage of their ancestors; increase health and wellness resiliency; achieve meaningful career pathways and accomplish prosperity.

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