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Spring is Emerging with Opportunities to Connect

As we make our way through this unusually long cold snap, we are seeing shoots and buds emerging on the farm. Our Farm Manager, Tracy Nelson, is busy monitoring the temperatures in the green house and turning on the heaters when necessary to keep our blue elderberry starts out of frost danger.

As we work to restore the land, we’re also restoring ourselves. Connecting with the earth reminds us of the qualities that are so needed today: patience, listening, learning, compassion, resilience, care and attentiveness. As we hold space for one another, we open up possibilities for moving forward. The whole world is in a healing process. The more awake we become, the more we can do and the more quickly we heal — as individuals, as communities and as the human race as a whole.

Join us in helping to make this healing possible:

  • Come and volunteer with us.

  • Donate with a one-time or monthly contribution.

  • Build your land stewardship skills and share with us what you are learning.

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