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We’re on the radio!

KMUZ FM radio host Thomas Elllis, PhD contacted Elderberry Wisdom Farm in November and requested an interview for his radio program. He hosts a monthly interview program with local luminaries on climate, environmental issues, and permaculture. The podcast aired Monday, December 4 and was recorded. You can listen here:


Special thanks to Dr. Ellis and KMUZ FM, which is a community radio station serving the mid-Willamette Valley. KMUZ is the voice for those not represented by commercial radio or other media. KMUZ broadcasts at 88.5 and 100.7 FM, streams at KMUZ strives to engage its audience with locally produced content and to offer residents the opportunity to express their passion by hosting music and public affairs programs. Mission Statement:  KMUZ celebrates the people, culture and civic life of the mid-Willamette Valley.

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