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Update on Martin High Bear Biography

During the extended holiday break, Rose and I are putting the final touches on the biography of her late husband, the Lakota medicine man and spiritual leader, Martin High Bear. The book will be titled: The Seven Commandments of The Sacred Buffalo Calf Maiden: Martin High Bear: 1919-1995.

I first heard about the book in late 2006 from our organization's mutual attorney, Jud Carusone; and cannot believe my good fortune when the Elderberry Wisdom Farm Board and Rose requested I serve as Editor of the manuscript. I have been reading and reviewing it these last few months.

The book has changed my life. It begins with a Preface about Rose and her marriage to Martin. We hear his beautiful narrative all the way through his life as a Medicine Man through the recordings of his incredible talks at colleges and seminars, plus interviews with Martin's peers, as well as her own journals. The chapters where he shares his Three Spiritual Worlds that brought him into prominence as a Spiritual Leader and Intercessor reveal the path he took during his life to become a medicine man and spiritual leader. The Seven Commandments that follow are dynamic spiritual principles, and serve as important guidance for us during these difficult times, showing us the way as brightly as the seven stars of the Big Dipper up in the Sky World.

We also get to know Martin and Rose, especially in the final chapters, as we travel with them and friends to visit "Miracle" —the rare White Buffalo Calf— born when the prophesized "chokeberries turn black;" as well as other prophetic events heralding this long-awaited-for event. The final chapter encapsulates his journey to the Spirit World, leaving behind his legacy and Rose's incredible journey to tell his story. In the process, we become comforted, hopeful, gladdened and whole from this wisdom.

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