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Two New Board Members

Sunset on the Oregon Coast during the Elderberry WIsdom Farm board retreat.

Elderberry Wisdom Farm just returned from its annual Board Retreat which was held on the Oregon coast early in February. Consultations between board members, staff and consultants helped us to strengthen and prepare project plans for 2023-2024; and revise the board bylaws. Perhaps most important, the board had an opportunity to strengthen its membership and re-dedicate itself to our mission and vision.

Two board candidates were interviewed for board membership and then elected to the board several days later. This includes Wohpe TwoFeathers (Pokanoket/Wampanoag Federation of Rhode Island, Mohican) Founder of the non-profit, Wichozanni Village. She continues to assist her family’s ongoing recovery from the 2018 Camp Fire near Paradise California, and support her husband’s responsibilities as a Sun Dance Chief.

The second candidate who was interviewed and elected to the board was Barb Newcomb, Founder of her own nonprofit which, in its 21st year, continues to support women in her community near Eugene, Oregon. She is also a member of the Maka Oyate Sundance Society with her husband Steve.

We are getting ready to celebrate our fourth year of operation at Elderberry Wisdom Farm. On May 25, 2023, we will hold a special event commemorating our growth. This event will be concurrent with the upcoming graduation of our Native Americans completing their Organic Farming training. Details will be shared in April.

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