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  • Michelle Week (Arrow Lakes aka Sinixt via Colville Confederated Tribes)

Spring Internship is a Success!

Photo by Amy Treasure

The internship has come to a close: 8 weeks flew by! I never could cover everything I wanted to cover with folks. There is just so much about farming and so many facets to agriculture that 8 weeks only really offers us a glimpse into the incredibly diverse, complicated and reciprocal web of our place in the ecosystem. As a PNW Native - both born and raised and ancestrally - farming has brought me closer to my heritage and towards practicing our TEK traditions. What an opportunity to share with all our Interns this opportunity to also engage in practicing reciprocity with our flora, fauna and elements.

As people of this land, we are an integral component to a healthy ecosystem and we can easily stray from the right path of honest, respectful and responsible stewardship. It was a delight to grow and learn alongside these Springs Interns in remembering and engaging in ancestral accountability.


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