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Our Greenhouse Is Complete

Elderberry Wisdom Farm is grateful to announce the completion of our “Greenhouse” project. With help from the AmeriCorps NCCC Team Gold, we have completed another fantastic milestone for the farm, our 24’ x 48’ semi-gable greenhouse. 38,000 tons of gravel moved by hand is an amazing accomplishment. This will serve as the keystone to our Native Plant Nursery and is an integral part of our internships by serving as an experiential classroom.

The farm was fortunate enough to host a committed crew of nine young people from all over the country for six weeks earlier this year. The crew had been together through multiple sites and was a cohesive unit with unique individuals operating in concert with each other. We are always grateful to have the influx of commitment to service. Ameri-Corps NCCC is a wonderful government agency that strengthens communities and develops leaders through projects designed for direct team-based service. The NCCC AmeriCorps opportunity is a full-time team-based residential service program for 18- to 26-year-olds. The youth get hands-on experiential service conservation work all over the country. Their impact across America is one of the greatest unsung songs in our country. The team left a lasting legacy of upgraded infrastructure for us at Elderberry Wisdom Farm.

Thank You, AmeriCorps and team.


Trish Haugen (Blackfeet, Seneca, Sami) is a Traditional Ecological Knowledge Educator for the Traditional Ecological Knowledge Workforce Development Project. This is the five-year project for Native Americans which Elderberry Wisdom Farm created in partnership with Chemeketa Community College. It is funded by the US Department of Agriculture’s National Institute for Food and Agriculture through 2026. She serves as a lead educator for this special initiative which integrates traditional knowledge of diverse tribes with academic Western science to serve Native Americans interested in pursuing agricultural or horticultural careers. She also provides workforce readiness and health and wellness support to our cohort of Native American interns.

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