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New Veggie Garden Coming to Elderberry Wisdom Farm

We’re seeking volunteers for this upcoming project


Elderberry Wisdom Farm is located on a small Native American nonprofit located just south of Salem. We have a small greenhouse that we plan to use this spring and summer to grow a vegetable garden. We are looking for a small team of volunteers who will dedicate a couple of hours each week this spring and summer to its care.

We plan to construct a vertical garden inside the greenhouse structure in February and prepare four round raised beds that are already in place. At the same time, we will germinate a variety of heirloom organic seeds that will be grown this spring and summer. Some of the produce will be distributed free to the volunteers and to low-income Native American families living in the Salem area.

We may set up a watering system in March so that when the seedlings will have automatic watering support when transplanted into into individual pots. If some of our volunteers have set up this type of system in the past, it will help us avoid some of the learning curves that we might expect.

Future plans include establishing a Native American Farmer’s Market Booth at the Farmer’ Market in Salem. It would require a small team of volunteers helping us prepare the produce for sale each Friday and man the booth on Saturdays. If one of our volunteers has experience planning and operating a volunteer-run farmer’s market booth, please let us know. We hope to form a small community that can emerge as a result of this experience.

If you are interested in helping, we welcome you to contact us directly or go to VolunteerMatch where our announcement is added. See:


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