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New Vegetable Garden Needs Volunteer Support This Month

Elderberry Wisdom Farm will use its portable greenhouse this spring and summer to grow a vegetable garden. We are asking a small team of volunteers to dedicate a couple of hours each week this spring and summer to its care. We have four circular raised beds to prepare that are already in place, plus we plan to construct a vertical garden inside the greenhouse structure in March and April in preparation for the seedlings that are being grown indoors in a south window. We are germinating a variety of heirloom organic seeds this spring which will be harvested through the summer, some from old tribal collections. Produce will be shared among volunteers, with most being delivered to low income Native families in our area. During our volunteer events, we are also working outside. We plan to transplant the last of the Native plants we grew in our portable greenhouse this past year and move them out to our 350’ pollinator hedgerow and the forested area of our property. The hedgerow will grow larger over the next several years and eventually provide a barrier from Delaney Road SE. We also hope to attract more native bee species native to our area and restore them on our property, so we are planting the pollinator species to eventually fill the seasons, spring to fall, for bees and other pollinators to enjoy. Some of you may be aware that Native bees are threatened and endangered much like hive bees. European bees live in hives and are sometimes moved from place to place to pollinate farmers’ crops, but 85% of our native bees live in the soil with 15% living permanently in trees. If you are interested in helping us, volunteers are joining us every Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm and you can choose those weeks that you are available to help. We welcome you to contact Autumn HighDesertWolf ( or go to VolunteerMatch where our announcement is posted:

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