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  • April Negrette (Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone), Educator/Mentor

Interns Learn Workforce Readiness

Updated: May 15

Interns Taking a Break
Photo by Amy Treasure

We are halfway through this spring’s Internship at Elderberry Wisdom Farm, and are really starting to form a community.

In the Health and Wellness class, participants have learned about multiple facets of wellness such as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their wellbeing. We have incorporated indigenous values and concepts into our learning and are continuing our journey down "the river" of self awareness to community transformation.

In our Workforce Readiness class, we are covering the four major qualifications that employers say are necessary and lacking in the workforce:

  • How you show up

  • How you communicate

  • How you work with others

  • Your ability to problem solve and think outside the box

Interns are exploring their own personal values and boundaries and how to honor those in the workforce.


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