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  • April Negrette (Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone), Educator/Mentor

Further Update on Spring Internship

After eight weeks together, our Elderberry Wisdom Farm Spring Internship came to a close with presentations from the cohort about their learning, growth and development from the content they have experienced during the internship. It was a wonderful full circle moment to hear the application and connections they made with the material and their personal lives, career aspirations, and most notably within their own self awareness.

It was a pleasure and honor to get to be in space with these wonderful giving folks during the Health and Wellness class to dive deeper into our sense of self and past and unpack how that relates to ourselves today. When we are healthy ourselves, then we have the right foundation to create healthy connections with others, and healthy communities with strong cultural foundations.

The Workforce Readiness class concluded our journey of deconstructing the most sought after traits of new workers with an indigenous lens, making connections that go beyond money and jobs, but centered in a sense of purpose and happiness while pursuing livelihoods. This has been a great Spring spent together learning from each other and may we carry the positivity and teachings into the rest of our year.

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