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Fourth Anniversary Celebration Coming Soon

Elderberry Wisdom Farm was formed in May of 2019, which means we are approaching our fourth year of operation. We are making plans to hold a celebration.

It has been an exciting but sometimes bumpy ride. We have appreciated the support of our partners, volunteers and funders. We are grateful that our colleagues believe in us and our mission of service to our Native American communities. At the same time, we have been grateful to survive the types of turbulence typically experienced by new nonprofits, including being understaffed at times, infrastructure not fully in place, and with other start-up lessons to be learned.

Our early successes were exacerbated by the pandemic. We incorporated our nonprofit corporation right before the COVID-19 outbreak, and sometimes we had to impose delays at inopportune moments during three of our four years. It sometimes required that our staff and interns seclude. Once, we were forced to impose a quarantine. Thankfully they delayed our work, but did not cancel our internships.

As we approach our fourth year in May, we are planning a special event and want to invite you and our other community members to join us. We will provide more details in our May newsletter so please stay tuned. We hope our partners, volunteers and others will join us at the farm for this special time of celebration. We are growing some elderberry plant starts and hope they will grow sufficiently so they can be shared in our giveaway.

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