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Founding Donors Campaign Continues

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Our Founding Donors campaign launched in February with 10 new sustaining donors agreeing to contribute monthly to Elderberry Wisdom Farm through 2022. Their generosity is helping us raise funds for additional Habitat Restoration Internships. We have addressed social and economic issues among our people for three decades, along with social and emotional needs and other factors. Poverty levels in our Native American community may surprise some. Local statistics in Mid-Willamette Valley communities document that children in poverty in Marion and Polk counties are the starkest of all ethnicities. Special thanks to Sara DeHoff, Sarah Hale, Faye Pendergrass, Jessica McDonald, Kathy Seubert, Debra Twofeathers-Reed, Scott Laird, Angelique Sifrit and Max Menchac for their generosity. They donated in February and will continue to donate monthly through 2022. We are hoping to have 100 sustaining donors by the end of 2022 to supplement grant income. We have a $400,000 budget for 2022 but we operate on a shoe string, with only 10% dedicated to overhead. This is an uncommon level among nonprofits, but we have been able to achieve our work and save valuable funds for our projects which are so needed by Native recipients. If you feel you are able to support our campaign, we thank you in advance! You can go to our donate page which provides access to the PayPal fund link and indicate “monthly” in the form. With your help, we will be able to achieve this funding goal.


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