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Fall cohort graduates from TEK internship

Intern Tracy Nelson receives a gift from Rose High Bear.

It’s been a culturally-rich learning experience that has raised the awareness of Traditional Ecological Knowledge for our Native American TEK/NABA Interns. A cohort of four participated in the Fall/Winter 2022-23 Internship with Elderberry Wisdom Farm this fall which concluded on Friday, January 20.

We held a graduation celebration for the cohort of four Interns at the Farm. The graduates of the Fall/Winter Internship each gave presentations and shared diverse plans that they have developed to pursue horticulture or agriculture businesses in their future. Graduates received gifts from Rose High Bear and Shannon Brink MedicineCrow in appreciation of their accomplishments.

Intern Shannon Brink offers thank you gifts to Rose High Bear.

We are now gearing up for our Spring 2023 Internship. Our goal is to provide organic farming skills for 8 Native Americans and those from other communities of color who want to create their own agricultural-based business through organic farming. We will provide hands-on experiential learning at our Aurora, Oregon 11-acre farm with creation of plans that could create generational sustainability for their families.

We are also planning the next Habitat Restoration Internship which is scheduled for the Fall of 2023. We will be conducting habitat restoration on an organic farm in Sweet Home, in Linn County and helping to form our 2-acre nursery at the Elderberry Wisdom Farm in South Salem.

Our Blue Elderberry plantlings, enjoying a little winter sun shining through the clouds.

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