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Creating Native Filmmakers

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

The Elderberry Wisdom Farm Film Training is coming together at the University of Oregon with the program officially being embraced by Longhouse Steward Katie Staton, so now we have an official classroom at the Many Nations Longhouse. So far, the Assistant Steward Jordon Herrington (Klamath) and Native American Student Union President, Megan Van Pelt (Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla) have signed up for the program, and we are invited to post our program poster for additional student sign-ups on their NASU Facebook Page, the Longhouse Meeting room, and at the UO Dean's Multi-Cultural Center for additional engagement. Professor Kirby Brown encouraged us to offer it in a way so all Native Students could have a chance to apply.

I have also been working with Professor Mitchell Block (Jon Anderson Chair of UO's Journalism Documentary Production) and co-presenter Rebecca Cammisa on the UO Summer Documentary Camp in July- and in addition to the U of O students, we have 4 students from underserved rural communities already signed up, including those from as far away as the Umatilla and Klamath Reservations. These Doc Camp students are providing their own transportation and housing, and have their own family chaperones. We also have interest from many other students in Marion, Lane and other counties. This event is not limited in number, as is the 16-month mentorship program at the UO Longhouse.

In addition, the program was highlighted a few weeks ago by the Oregon Cultural Trust, which you can read about on their site.

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