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Celebrate EWF’s 5th Anniversary!

You are welcome to join us on Zoom Thursday afternoon, May 23 when our team – staff, consultants, board and interns - join us for an hour of updates and announcements to commemorate Elderberry Wisdom Farm’s Five Year Anniversary Celebration. If you’d like to join us, please register so we can include you.

Elderberry Wisdom Farm has experienced opportunities and successes since 2019 as our Native American nonprofit continues to build infrastructure and attain sustainability. The encouragement and support of our board, team and partners has helped us grow and unify despite a few tests and challenges during the three years of the COVID pandemic which now seem to have dissipated.

We will have an opportunity to give thanks to our team, including Dr. Aaronda Mayo (Seminole, Cherokee), Sara DeHoff, NGO Administrator, Marsha Holt Kingsley, Native Plant Nursery Specialist, Amy Treasure (Siletz), TOPP Tribal Liaison, Deena Fishbein, Independent Financial Consultant, Sam Forencich, Film Producer, and two dozen past and present Interns who have contributed so much value to our growth and richness.

We will also express gratitude to the members of our board of directors who continue to oversee and support our work. This especially includes Co-Chairpersons, Duane Medicine Crow (Crow) and Janice Cockrell, Recording Secretary Wohpe Two Feathers (Pokanoket), Corresponding Secretary Barb Butterfly Newcomb, plus members, Max Defender (Turtle Mt. Chippewa/ Dakotah), and Roxanne Jensen (Tsimshian). I play a dual role as Founding Director and non-voting board member. 

Our film producer Sam Forencich came down to film activities in March and April. He recorded comments from our team and volunteers potting some new Native bareroot plant starts in our greenhouse. He produced an invitation for you to view and share with your networks.  

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