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Native American Biodiversity Accelerator news at Elderberry Wisdom Farm

Here at the Elderberry Wisdom Farm we are continuing to strengthen our organizational capacity building for our Fall/Winter Cohort of future microenterprise business owners and farm co-op members.

We are in collaboration with Mercy Corps Northwest to set up Oregon IDA (Individual Development Accounts). This will assist our Interns in saving money for a minimum of 6 months to 18 months, until $1200 is saved. That amount is matched with $6000 in grant money provided by Mercy Corps Northwest for a combined total of $7200 for our cohort of Native Interns as they help to form small businesses.

Our Cohort of four Elderberry Wisdom Farm Interns are continually learning about sustainable principles, practices, and resource development support. This strengthens our development of feasibility plans, SWOT analysis, business plans, marketing plans, and financial planning of several future business operations. Our Interns are in process of preparing to develop their own proposal for one of the four LLC’s: Blue Elderberry Farm LLC, Indigenous Native Plant Nursery LLC, Native American Habitat Restoration LLC, & Native American Farmers Cooperative & Farmers Market LLC.

Our next Cohort forms in the spring of 2023 and we are currently recruiting Native Americans interested in strengthening food sovereignty success within their family and community by learning organic regenerative farming practices taught by Native American educators. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Sara at

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