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We are getting ready to celebrate our fifth First which is to put the skin on our new greenhouse next week. We have been constructing this 24’ x 48’ semi-gable structure in the sunniest spot on our property most of this winter and spring. We expect the skin will be added by our contractor as soon as it warms during April. We would like to acknowledge the team at USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service here in Marion county for providing us with partial funding through their High Tunnel System Initiative. Crew Leader Autumn HighDesertWolf has developed the design for the greenhouse and is looking forward to setting up the first of our plant nursery equipment through the spring months. She will then use it to train the interns and launch this part of the new Native Plant Nursery. We are relying upon Traditional Ecological Knowledges balanced with Western Science and using the Nursery Manual for Native Plants: A Guide for Tribal Nurseries as one of our manuals to develop our policies and procedures within the structure.


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