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  • Dr. Aaronda Mayo (Cherokee, Seminole)

March Farm Update

We purchased more cedar planks for the raised and recessed beds. Shannon and I got several planks water-proofed/coated with the olive oil but we still have several to do.

Shannon, Rose and I went to Corvallis to the Natural Resources Conservation Service Plant Materials Center and they took us to their native plant area so we got cuttings of several trees and shrubs. We learned a lot from Amy Barrett and Tyler. We really appreciated their time and knowledge sharing!

We went to the OSU Small Farm conference. Shannon Chinnock, Rose High Bear, Amy Treasure, Aaronda Mayo and Elizabeth Dean from Oregon Tilth were all present for the day. It was a really good conference.

Shannon and I dug up invasives, (lesser celandine) Fircaria verna, in the elderberry patch on Persephone Farm.

We have also been preparing for the Spring and Summer internship updating and revising documents. Shannon has been working on the Native Plant Nursery/Greenhouse protocol for all the plants we currently take care of here at EWF.


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