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Honoring our film producer Sam Forencich

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Our Habitat Restoration Interns gave their final presentations on December 1 in Salem at Chemeketa Community College’s Agricultural Science Complex. The interns, who are all Native American and other students of color, shared their cultural background, how they discovered the internship opportunity, and what they learned during the training. They also shared their future career plans, some of which include working with our organization, or one of our businesses.

We will be sharing the film clips from those presentations in the coming weeks in our newsletter and on our website. Film Producer, Sam Forencich, has been supporting our efforts here at Elderberry Wisdom Farm for several years. A professional photographer for the Portland Trail Blazers, Sam was looking for something creative to do during the COVID pandemic, and contacted us offering to assist our team with video production.

For the past three years, Sam has filmed and produced most of the films on our website. His filmmaking skills have provided great support to us, but we especially appreciate Sam’s kindness and enthusiasm for our cultural heritage. He travels down to our farm from the Portland metro area and enjoys hearing about the latest updates, meeting new team members, and the progress we are continuing to make.

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