Elderberry Wisdom Farm Native American Journey of Transformation

Announcement: We are hiring two educators with prior experience working with Native American youth to participate in a five-year health and wellness research study at an Indian boarding school. Candidates can apply during May and June. Teaching certificates not required.

The Native American nonprofit, Elderberry Wisdom Farm (EWF), founded in 2018 in Marion County, Oregon, has created the Native American Journey of Transformation and will provide culturally-tailored multimedia curriculum for Native American high school students at an Indian boarding school in Salem, OR.

We are hiring two educators with experience working with Native youth to teach health and wellness plus ecology in the classroom. Partners include a youth and elders council, EWF administrators, and the Indigenous Wellness Research Institute at University of Washington. We have designed lesson plans that integrate traditional cultural arts and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), and are designed to strengthen students’ health and wellness resilience, positive cultural identity and self-esteem. Candidates need to have past experience working with Native American youth, some classroom and outdoor experiential ecology experience, and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. Since they will co-teach with certified educators, a teaching certificate will not be required.

Position Description: Two Educators are being recruited to participate in a 5-year research study for the Native American Journey of Transformation. Responsibilities include:

  1. Co-teach health and wellness with classroom teachers to meet student needs and strengthen learning success, integrating traditional cultural arts, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and multimedia.

  2. Exemplify positive Native American cultural values with students, co-workers and partners.

  3. Work with the team on final review of health and wellness plus TEK curriculum lesson plans.

  4. Collaborate with the youth and elders council, school educators, administrators, and partners.

  5. Protect identifying or personal information from release to other parties, and ensure that participant lists are stored properly and destroyed as identified in human subjects protocols and in this agreement.

  6. Help prepare and share project info with community, including reports, public presentations, etc.

  7. Attend weekly team meetings; submit weekly reports; engage in staff assessments.

  8. Other activities may arise as needed.

If you have questions or need additional information, you can review our website at www.elderberrywisdom.org. More information will be published about these openings through the month of May. If you are interested in applying, please email an expression of interest and your resume to Sara at elderberrywisdom@gmail.com.

Elderberry Wisdom Farm is committed to Native American cultural sustainability, multimedia education and health and wellness resiliency. Projects include the five-year NIH health and wellness research partnership with Indigenous Wellness Research Institute at University of Washington and Chemawa Indian School, in Salem, Oregon; and the Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Habitat Restoration Workforce Development Project in partnership with Chemeketa Community College and a growing number of other regional partners.

EWF Mission Statement: Elderberry Wisdom Farm provides opportunities for Native Americans, communities of color and public audiences to raise awareness of the rich cultural heritage and Traditional Ecological Knowledge of America’s First Peoples. We work with diverse collaborative partners to provide educational and workforce opportunities so Native people can fulfill meaningful career pathway plans, strengthen health and wellness and achieve prosperity.


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