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Doc Camp was a Success!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

EWF’s Native Film Training two-week Doc Camp in July was an absolute success at the University of Oregon’s Longhouse. Our Native Students were amazed by Professor Mitchell Block’s classes on documentary filmmaking; in addition to learning the fundamentals of how to edit from Pro Bob Laird; and were enraptured by the stories of Smoke Signal’s Sound Mixer, Marty Hutcherson and local Cinematographer Craig McKern. With Film Exhibition expert Roger Haney’s help, they were also excited to get their hands on all the sound, lighting, and camera film equipment we had curated for them to begin shooting interviews with Elders.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, we were also notified that the student’s Lost Story film was selected as one of 35 films the Klamath Independent Film Festival chose from over 200 submissions. Our film will stream for 2 weeks beginning September 22nd, 2023; on Eventive.

We have also been busy licensing and recording various soundtracks for our edits, getting permissions for images, as well as setting up interviews. Later this month, we will be filming B-roll, recording sound, as well as filming Interviews at the Klamath Restoration Pow-wow in Chiloquin. One of our favorite interviews was with Elder John Fredrick, who told us the story of Lefty Wild Eagle, who kept the flame of the Klamath Tribes’ Culture alive at his Museum during the Termination.

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